Google Acquires Jaiku, Twitter Caught Blindsided

Google Love Jaiku

Twitter competitor Jaiku was just acquired by google. With Twitter having been the bell of the ball why did google jump Jaiku's bones?

Google could be trying to save money by buying the second most popular. But when has Google ever wanted to be second best? In that case Google thinks Jaiku is the better solution. Jaiku has always been looked down upon by twitter users saying it was too "feature heavy". Jaiku does offer more ways to include icons and outside feeds in to your own stream. Google clearly thinks features are the way to go.

In a world where acquisition is the exit strategy is the preferred method for successful startup this passover of twitter seems like a big slight to them. I look forward to twitter users saying google bought the wrong company and Twitter telling everybody they did not want Google to buy them.

Either way unless Twitter come out with some exclusive deal with myspace or facebook tomorrow they are going to seem like the losers in this deal.