Arin Crumley

Choice quote from Arin Crumley:

"I'm very curious why someone feels they know us well enough to need to know if we are still together but not well enough to be able to deduce with out asking why it might be that we aren't. That is if we aren't." (link)

I’m Done With LonleyGirl15

Today I officially unsubscribed from LonleyGirl15. I watched the whole first season and a little more. I was way behind on videos at this point.

I know at some point it would lose my interest. To often the plot went extremely slow and any built up suspense was almost rarely realized into something satisfying. I think I watched mostly because there was a lot of suspense and the slow plot really let them flesh out the characters.

It was a fun ride and though the series might be counted as a success I think the format is doomed to failure with out a larger company behind it. A real time action series needs to be well funded to work correctly and LonelyGirl just did not have the cash or ability to scale along with the plot they wanted to write.