Exclude svn files from grep

Grep is confusing enough and does not need to be even harder to use. SVN files are almost always not wanted in a search and just make finding what you want even harder. Luckily you can set a default option.

First jump in to the .bashrc file in your home directory. nano ~/.bashrc

Then add the options for grep in that file: GREP_OPTIONS="--exclude=*.svn-base" export GREP_OPTIONS

Now save and exit the file. Before it will work you need to either restart the session or enter this in the console: source ~/.bashrc

Wave goodbye to all those pesky svn file.

Interview with Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

Read it here. I’m so excited for them. It’s funny that basically anything they could have said would have come across as an insult to M. Night Shyamalan.

What did you guys think of the live-action version of “The Last Airbender”?

Konietzko: We’re just really focused on this new show right now, and kind of taking this off in its own direction and not concerning ourselves with that right now.

So you didn’t follow the casting controversy about the movie version of “The Last Airbender”?

Konietzko: We didn’t head up that film. We’re just happy to be back generating the original content in this mythology, which is what we do.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

The epicenter of the modern Avatar world is Republic City, a metropolis fueled by steampunk technology. It is a virtual melting pot where benders and non-benders from all nations live and thrive. - AvatarSpirit

I seems rumors have been floating around for months and I’ve missed them because I don’t hang out in forums much.

MacFusion Error: Could not mount filesystem: Remote host has disconnected.

If you’re getting the above error immediately after clicking mount it seems to be because you are using OSX 10.6. There’s not a ton of good documentation but this is what seems to work.

Right click on the app and select “Show package contents”. Navigate to Contents/PlugIns/sshfs.mfplugin/Contents/Resources/sshnodelay.so and delete or rename the file.

It should now magically work.

Hubble Gotchu

Jimmy Fallon has some great stuff going on. I’d kill for that doll.