Long Now

I’ve been listening to tons of the Long Now presentations. They really great and dense presentations about thinking about things in terms of a long view over hundreds or millions of years.

One thing I really love is how they let the audience ask questions. The audience writes their questions down and hands them to the moderator to read. This seems to create a better conversation with the speaker and makes for more intelligent questions.

Too often in other talks, Google’s talks are a good example, people ask their questions aloud. Most people are not well spoken though and a great question in their head does not always come out as a great question.

Making people write the question down makes the think out their question and really seems to bring some great question to the surface.


NaNoWriMo starts today. 1667 words a day to a 50,000 word novel. I've always read that writing needs to be daily habit. So far all I've accomplished is a yearly habit of joining NaNoWriMo. Lets see if I can beat my record of 10,000 words.


Intense Debate seems like a cool new service. You can install it on your site as a commenting system to replace the default system in popular systems like blogger and wordpress. It seems to integrate pretty well with the ability to import and export comments and just a lot of work was put in to not seem like a silo stealing your information.

The functionality seems a little over kill for small site like mine but I do like the benefit of knowing more about who is leaving comments. I can’t see my self being an early adopter but if this catches on and tons of people use it I would not be opposed to setting it up.