How Bacn Can Become Spam

The term bacn has been around for a while now. But it can easily turn in to spam.

I sign up for a lot of sites and I will often opt in to their emails. After a while though I might want to opt back out. Some companies are good and provide a 1 click or even 2 click way to stop getting email.

Buy if you require me to log in to unsubscribe then you have lost my trust. I’m now marked you as spam. I know if enough people do the same you will start having a lot of trouble getting in to the inbox.

So I’m just sending out my warning now. Let me unsubscribe in piece or feel the wrath of my spam button.

New Google Reader Feature

Google reader has also released a featured that is almost cool enough for me to like. I like the idea of my reading list being turned in to my blogroll.

I need more option though. I just don’t want a list. I want to be able to sort them bye which I read the most. I don’t see why instead of a javascript include they can’t just put out an API. Sue it’s more work but this feature seems like it’s for the power users anyway.

Gmail Contacts

Gmail is finally showing me the new interface. Most of the new features are supposed to be backend but there are a few features of note. The contact manager is more robust and with the ability to add people’s IM from other services. It’s unclear if gtalk will actually let me talk to them though the gtalk client but I wait with baited breath.

The new contact manager is nice but still sadly under powered. I know too many people with multiple emails and I really want a better way to merge multi email addresses in to a single contact.

Fred Stutzman

Fred Stutzman continues to be one of the only people who has any right to talk about social networks. I've been saying this for a while but he often says it much better.

"Unfortunately, since [Facebook] are ego-centric, there's no way to sustain this network in the long-haul." (link)