Bloglines: Now Totally Fast

Wow. Okay so bloglines has updated their beta and it does seem really fast. At this point the difference between google and bloglines is really just small interface differences. which interface do I like better? I have no idea. I left bloglines awhile go and now I’m considering possibly switching back.

Over the next couple of week I think I’m going to be using both and see which I settle on. I left bloglines really frustrated that their interface was too slow and painful to use. But they might have finally one upped google and I’d be excited to see them gain back some of the respect they once had.

Last Terry Goodkind Book

The last Terry Goodkind book comes out November 13th. I’ve been reading this series for about six years and and have slowly gotten sick of everything in the books besides the main plot line which I must follow to conclusion or the lack of closure will kill me. Here’s hoping he just ends it. He’s already threaten to write other books set in the same world. My stomach turns at the thought of it.


Shelfari is evil negligent? (not sure if negligent is any better. Details in the comments). Pass it on. (I never really liked them anyway) (via Keri)