Tin Man

I'm actually kind of excited for the Tin Man series on the SciFI channel. It's a re-envisioning of the The Wizard of OZ and seems to do some interesting things with the story. I've been a fan of these kinds of adaptations of old stories since The 10th Kingdom Series that was on years ago.

Where these made for TV series tend to get caught up is bad acting, crappy computer graphics, and bad writing. So far the graphics look really good and the actors all have pretty good track records. So all that's left is the writing. The couple of lines in the previews sounded solid but there is not much more to go on. Over all I think this series has a good chance of getting it right. The first episode is Sunday December 2nd at 9pm. If only Tivo went that far ahead.

Bloglines: Now Totally Fast

Wow. Okay so bloglines has updated their beta and it does seem really fast. At this point the difference between google and bloglines is really just small interface differences. which interface do I like better? I have no idea. I left bloglines awhile go and now I’m considering possibly switching back.

Over the next couple of week I think I’m going to be using both and see which I settle on. I left bloglines really frustrated that their interface was too slow and painful to use. But they might have finally one upped google and I’d be excited to see them gain back some of the respect they once had.