Best Web Series of 2007 – The Stack


The Stack covers comic books twice a week and is one of the best web series on the web right now. I used to read a lot of comics and occasionally I still do but I still like to keep up on what is going on.

Alex, Justin and Pete are the most entertaining hosts on any show. They get along so well that simply make each other funnier. It really feels like you are talking to friends about comics you have just read. But while they joke they also are able to make really insightful remarks about comics.

Justin and Pete are an especially good combo as they often have very different views on what makes a good comic and this keeps the show from having any kind of bias. And of course Alex reins the helm and keeps the show moving along at a fast pace.

If you have any interest in comics at all this is a must watch.

Cake at Terminal 5 – Dec 13th

Cake at Terminal Cake was awesome last night. John McCrea said he was sick and could only play certain songs. Those songs seemed to be Cake’s greatest hits though so I was more than happy. I’m still looking for a set list (here’s one from the 10th and it even has Sad Songs and Waltzes!).

Seems like Some one filmed almost the entire show: Stickshifts & Safetybelts, Opera Singer, Never There, Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle, Wheels, Black Sabbath’s War Pigs

The same girl took some amazing photos as well. Here’s the whole photo set on Flickr.

Somehow I managed only to see the crappy openers King City and Brazilian Girls and Miss the two I was looking forward to seeing Oakley Hall and Agent Ribbons.