Had a fun time getting in to mechanical keyboards for real this time. In the past I got a low profile keychron with Gateron blues and a air75 Nuphy with browns.

The low profile keychrone had flat keys and I couldn’t feel which key my fingers were on and I also didn’t like the blue switch but I didn’t know it at the time.

The Nuphy was much better but I need more room around the sift and arrow keys for me to type well. Also I didn’t like the brown switch though I didn’t know it at the time.

Keychron Q2 QMK - 65% with knob and Gateron G Pro Red

One I got this keyboard I realized why I had problems with the others. I really need that gap for the arrow keys and the linear reds made typing feel good to me.


Ajazz AK816 from Epomaker - 75% with gold knob and Gateron Pro 2.0 Silver linears

Once I hit on how much I love the Keychron and why I felt much better with this purchase. I know I like they layout. I was excited to try the silvers which are just like the reds but with a shorter travel distance. I really love a linear with a short travel distance.

Ajazz AK816 from Epomaker

Now that I know what I like I can go back to the original keychron and get better keys and switches and the Nuphy and get linear switches for that as well. It took some money but I’ve set myself up well to always be happy with the keyboard I have.