Good Hair was a great movie but the critic inside of me just has to point out what kept it from being an instant classic. The movie had a lot of rough edges.

Too much of it seem to be shot by some one who had seen documentaries like Spellbound or Wordplay and though they could do the same thing. The story editing was a little rough and too many of the on location shots seemed poorly planed out. I really think Chris Rock should have hired someone who had more experience in this genera of film.

But it was easy to see past those rough edges and see a wonderfully enjoyable film. Chis Rock was more then charming and funny as ever. Being opening night I really wished there was more then 30 people in the theater. With my group being the only white people. While clearly black people have an interest in the movie I feel like non-backs would have even more interest since it’s a world that’s all around us and yet we know so little about it.

It was more the laughable after the film when it was raining and all the black women with relaxed hair handed the car keys off to the men while the natural hair black ladies were free to run to the car.