We went to the $4 movie theater (okay 4.75) to see Synecdoche, New York but the projector was broken so we saw Doubt instead. I swear Philip Seymour Hoffman is the only reason that movie theater is even open. They should name movie theaters after him.

Doubt was good. The plot wasn’t anything amazing but the dialog and acting were so good I didn’t really need much of a plot. A lot of my favorite movie don’t have more then three scenes. While I think all three stars were great I was especially impressed by Viola Davis who knocked her scene out of the park.

I definitely like Amy Adams more and more each movie. At least the ones I see. I need to go see Sunshine Cleaning (from the producers who like the word Sunshine). I don’t see how you can go from these great indie movies to movies like Underdog or Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. But I guess that’s why Philip Seymour Hoffman does 12 movies a year.

I have not seen a lot of Meryl Streep movies. This one and The Devil Wears Prada are pretty much the only ones. I need to see Mamma Mia! or something though as I’ve yet to see her play a non evil role.