Long long ago Terry Goodkind wrote the first book of a great fast paced fantasy series called the Sword of Truth that everyone loved. And then he wrote another one and another one. 11 books later it finally ended and I hate the entire series. 4 books in I was so invested in the main plot I could not stop reading but Terry gets trapped in his own political views and his monologues get longer and longer. Those 11 books could have easily been 4 or 5 books and have been a solid series.

Then it was optioned for a TV mini series which a year or two later seems to be turned in to a “syndicated adventure series”. Will the show be any good? No and here is why. The reason the “syndicated adventure series” Hercules worked was because it did not take it self seriously. It was jokey and lighthearted and made you forget how low budget everything was. If anything is made clear by this 10 minute intro to the show it is how seriously it takes it self. But slow motion and fancy graphics will not save it from taking it self painfully seriously. Sadly the fact that Terry Goodkind took himslef too seriously is the same reason his books went so far down hill.

The only way this show can be any good is if it has great writing and acting but that tends to be where these productions tend to skip so they afford the graphics they want to have.

It premiers Nov 1st and 2nd and I hope my eyes bleed less then when I watch TinMan.