It’s been a while since there has been an amazing talk at google. This is one of them.


This really explains personality types a lot. You can take the test here. Here are my results:

Past-negative 2.70 Past-positive 2.78 Present-hedonistic 2.53 Present-fatalistic 1.44 Future 3.77

This is a graph with the 50% mark being “average” and the red dots being an “ideal time perspective” and the green being my scores. Clearly they think I should enjoy my past more (Past Positive) and live more in the moment (Present Hedonism). I’m mostly future oriented but you can tell I’m still below the “ideal”. Which I think rings true since I am very good at thinking about the future but not as good as I wish I was at enacting the plans to get to that future. Here’s more info on the perspective types.