There are a lot of ways to measure how involved you are in the youtube community. I think most go by subscribers or videos posted. But you could post awesome videos all day and never really be involved with the community. I think one of the best ways to see how involved you are is by how many videos you have seen.

This is a quick informal survey I did (spreadsheet embedded below) of youtube accounts of different levels of prominence. I find smpfilms a little hard to believe but I’m not sure what advantage they would gain from spoofing that number. On the other hand I totally believe What the Buck (along with his personal account peron75) has seen 50,000 videos. I’m also impress with the number of videos BarackObamadotcom has seen. I imagine that that number is across a lot of staff members though.

Mia Rose and a lot of other sponsored channels have very few videos viewed. Almost always in the low hundreds.