Mark Evens has been complaining about the release of FireFox 3 calling it rushed and poorly planed. I saw it differently and posted this comment:

Firefox was definitely not rushed. I would characterize the Address bar complaints as light and really I think they will dissipate as time goes on. <a href="">Though there is a way to turn it off</a>. As far as addons go I see your problem but I don't know what you think the solutions should be. The code for Firefox 3 has been finalized for a month or so. As soon as it went from Beta to Release Candidate the code was in a state that add on developers could update their addons. Which addons should they make sure work? Every one uses different ones and when the list grows to the thousands it become very impractical. Also these are not just 3rd parties but often times these addons are just made by normal people who don't have time to update these extensions. Some addons have larger communities behind them and have more pressure to get out the door like the developer's tool bar and firebug. Others come from companies which depending on their dedication to the addon can also come out with quick updates like or compete. While certainly Mozilla could have done more I think it's kind of absurd for them to not release their product while they wait for a developer they don't know to respond to an email and put out an update. Would you want to run your company that way?