It wasn't until 2 years ago when I moved out of New Jersey that I realized how much people looked down on New Jersey. For no real reason other then that what they are told to do.

Never having needed to defend NJ (TCNJ was mostly a NJ love fest) my defense of "New Jersey is Awesome" came across weak. Now I'm keen to find well thought out arguments for New Jersey and the latest recap of HIMYM over at TV squad is a great example:

"I don't know if you've been to New York lately, but if you go, the one thing you'll notice is that most of the people there aren't native New Yorkers. They're from all over the country; they've decided to move to the city to chase their dreams or just get the experience of living there. After about a year, most of them feel they've been hardened by the experience, thinking they're "real New Yorkers" because they got the privilege of crowding on the subways and paying $2500 for a studio. With that badge of honor, they feel they get to make fun of all the "Bridge & Tunnel" people who, even though they've lived in the area all their lives, have the good sense to live in a place where drinks are less than $15 a pop."

Bravo sir. (via Keri)