I’ve been a JetSet fan for a while now (in internet time at least) and I hate when I miss the obvious. JetSet is part of a larger network of shows called Next New Networks.

Next New Networks is yet another IPTV network that have been popping up all over the place. The fact that I did not already know they existed just goes to show I don’t read NewTeeVee as much as I really should.

There a ton of really well produced shows on that network. Not all are my cup of tea but it has been a long time since I’ve found a network with more then one show that I like.

Beyond JetSet I’ve also become a fan of ViroPop with their ZapRoot show about environmentalism and PulpSecret about comics. I was really excited about Total MMO but it’s in a odd format that doesn’t interest me. I rather have human hosts talking about ideas and issues with MMOs. But I’m picky as I’ve been looking for good commentary since the golden years of Lum The Mad. ThreadBanger for indy fashion designers was also a fun watch but not really up my alley.

I think the thing I really love about Next New Networks is how awesomely niche and focused these shows are around really active communities. Such active communities ends up making richer shows. I know Zadi from JetSet has been doing an amazing job of bringing users into the show and it really heightens the interest in the show.