Oh TV... why must our relationship be so love hate? I have to say I was about to give up this season.

Gossip Girls was boring. The narrator removes the emotion from the show (not Kristen Bell's fault) and the CW does not seem to have enough money to really make these kids look as rich as they should be. And the dramatic pauses, talk about soap opera. This is at best the poor man's version of The OC.

Reaper was fun but not the kind of show I really can get super excited about. Missy Peregrym also kind of bothers me. It was fine when she was dating Dino because he bothered me too but in any other context it just seems wrong.

Private Practice was horrible. Just about everything in the show was wrong. Could Richard Webber give her more outs to come back if Addison's show is canceled? Why does he have to "hold her job open" when she basically followed her husband there and just started working full time when she arrived? Why does the daughter who hide her pregnancy from her father have a holistic birth plan? Is she really that organized? And I thought this was supposed to be funny. Face it anything with Amy Brenneman is just going to be a touch feely show that makes people cry.

Dirty Sexy Money is such a great show though. It, like gossip girls, is about ultra rich people in NYC. Though I guess ABC has real money cause unlike on the CW this show really looks like it has more money then it knows what to do with. Peter Krause, from Six Feet Under, is amazing and really is going to hold the show together. His character is likable and conflicted and just well written over all.