1. Gmail - I never close this tab... ever. I swear it's javascript running 24 hours a day could fill an ocean of memory leaks.
  2. iStockPhoto - building some graphics for SugarLoot
  3. Google Reader - Another tab I use a lot along with more javascript memory leaks.
  4. SugarLoot Admin page - updating contests
  5. This Blog - writing this post and kept open for quick link posting.
  6. Obligatory Random Article - Always have at lest one open. This time it's Bruce Sterling's Dispatches From the Hyperlocal Future. Hard not think of Harvey Feldspar as Jason Kottke.
  7. Writely (currently google docs) - I'm definitely a google whore but in my defense I still think of it as Writely. My NaNoWriMo book from 2 years ago is open which I frequently open and pretend like I'm going to write more. I only have 6k words and most of it is notes. I'm not doing very well there.
  8. SugarLoot - viewing my changes from the admin page.
  9. Google - Spell checking words that I've spelled bad enough to baffle FireFox's spell check which I don't consider very strong. Google's algorithm can help me spell anything though.