Nothing makes me more sad then when a bad article get popular. SEOmoz has an article called “5 HTML elements you probably never use (but perhaps should)” a title that would get about any article bookmarked. But it’s a very disingenuous title.

SEOmoz suggests using the <address> tag with no mention of the hCard microformat. In this day and age after even Bill Gates is talking about microformats it’s a topic that should not be ignored.

They think you should use the <q> tag for quotes though it has no support in IE. How is this helpful at all? Sure it’s sad that IE doesn’t support it but it’s hard to then tell me I should always be using that tag.

And I would argue that <acronym> and <abbr> are fairly wide used. I maybe biased since I read mostly web designer blogs but I see these all the time.

With and digg and so many other link aggregators around there is currently way too much focus on coming up with a good post title first and then writing any crap article afterwards.

I’m coming to the point where I dread clicking on any article with top 10 this or 5 of this other thing you should use. When will the insanity stop?