About Design asks what counts as entry level designer? Basically asking why all entry level designers suck.

I find this question interesting as well. I just graduated with a BFA from a liberal arts school, TCNJ. It was a hard program and there were many night where entire classes stayed up all night to finish projects.

I’ve heard lots of talk about how sub par design students are these days and how they don’t have the wide range of skills they used to.

I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or if the times have simply changed. I can say that a lot of time is spent at school simply learning the basics. A class in web design, a class in illustrator, a class in photoshop. it’s easy to see where other things can fall through the cracks with some much time just learning the tools.

Was there more time in the past with fewer programs to learn? I have heard people say that it’s the people who are the problem. that the golden age of design is over. I have a hard time believing that and think it has to have something to do with the process. Where does the education break down?