how long will it be before Mac fanatics start say Macs are better cause they can dual boot Windows (edit: about 4 hours or so)? I’m counting the minutes before I read an article about that.

It’s not secrete I’m not a big Mac fan. What I really want is an easy way to dual boot OSX on my PC. When it comes down to I only want to do that for browser testing.

With the operating systems slowing coming closer and closer together how long before it’s easy to run windows, OSX, and linux all at the same time on any computer?

Update: Khoi Vinh, for the most part, agrees with me.

Update 2: Robert X. Cringely makes the most sense out of everyone:

Boot Camp makes no revenue for Apple and never will. IT IS BETA SOFTWARE. I doubt that its existence, especially as a beta product, is going to make some Fortune 500 company suddenly sanction the purchase of Macs because they can, with some effort and an extra $100, pretend to be Windows machines. While Boot Camp might help show prospective purchasers the superiority of Apple hardware, those purchasers would have to buy their Macs first and then convince themselves that they had done the right thing, which is totally backwards.
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