Odeo\'s new flash mp3 player Praise the lord! Odeo has released a new mp3 player. The last player consisted of a play button and a stop button with the additional ability to pause while playing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally reloaded the page forcing me to listen from the beginning. While having to listen from the beginning would drive most people away I kept coming back knowing that Odeo provided such a service that I could not get anywhere else. I just don’t want to download mp3s to my computer and be forced to be locked to that one machine. I feel more people will ruin in to this problem as handheld devices become more ubiquitous.

One interesting change of interface is the play button. Previously you could play, pause or stop. Stop would make the mp3 play from the beginning while pause would let you pick up where you left off. Now there is only one button that toggles between play and stop. This time though stop does not put the scrubber back at the begging of the file but instead pauses.

The new interface is just beautiful. I was begging for a way to advance with in the mp3 since the beginning and I’m glad that they didn’t just tack one on but instead completely redesigned the user interface. I am so so excited that I’m really having trouble forming coherent thought about it. If you have not checked Odeo out now is the time to do so. They don’t seem to have made any big announcement but I see this as a reinvention of the site since it is so focused on audio files.

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