I\'m print design famous t-shirtThere is a rumor going around that at one of the volunteers stopped a man with out an name badge from getting on one of the buses. He started to yell and ask if she knew who he was. Turns out it was Milton Glaser. A lot of the other big name designers were also making fun of her on the trip. Is this what we’ve resorted to? Let me tell you right now that I didn’t take the history of graphic design class at tcnj and I didn’t know who anyone was either. When people act like this it keep other out of the field and stifles the industry. While Milton is the most famous he still is just a print designer and the world has no idea who he is (even his wikipedia entry is small).

I’ve mentioned this type of behavior before and we really need to nip this in the bud. I think blogs have the right attitude with this shirt and perhaps AIGA needs on as well.

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