I’m not really from NY but if I had to pick a city that I considered mine it would be NY. This is mostly because all my local channels were out of NY and not Philly. In NY, and possibly other cities, There is a stigma if you can’t stay standing on the subway. All the local laugh at the out of towners as they try and stay standing. It’s amazing to watch some one who takes the subway all the time. Some people can stand and read with out holding on to a single thing.

On my trips in the sub way I was fairly skilled. I didn’t need to always hold on though every once in a while I would lose my balance and reading while not holding on was out of the question. I was definitely not from NY. Boston has a public transportation system called the T and if not now, I will soon have ridden the T more then the subway in NY. The great things about the T is that everybody falls down. Way out on the green line the T is above ground and lurches through stoplights and attempts not to hit people running across the tracks. It’s impossible to not need to hold on while riding the above ground T.

It so nice being in a place where it’s hard to tell the seasoned professionals from the newcomers.

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