Blogs of big business has always interested me. Google was the first to jump out at me as they do a good job of not being boring. Not being boring really is key and something tells me that General Motor would not try to make their blog anything more then a car commercial. One of the blogs that not as many jumped on was Ask Jeeves. Bloglines said Ask Jeeves only has 435 while Google has 10,500 subscribers. As much as Ask Jeeves isn’t dominating the market I find their blog much more interesting then Google’s. I could never pinpoint why, it was just a general sense that they were having more fun and were just a bit zany.

Today i think I really found why I was so attracted to their blog and it turn out that their deep sarcasm is close to my own. Ask Jeeves just announced Virtual Neptune which makes fun of Virtual Earth by name and Google maps by interface. By their own promise, “Virtual Neptune utilizes powerful satellite imagery, and will soon be combined with mapping and local search to put Neptune’s geographic information at your fingertips.” I can’t tell you how much I look forward to local search and how much I love the barley tampered with clouds photoshop filter.

While I don’t really use ask Jeeves that much beyond Bloglines they sure are having fun and I hope they find ways to best google beyond biting sarcasm.

ask jeeves, google maps, virtual earth