NEWD was very cool and I’m so glad I was up in Boston in time to meet some really great local designers. In fact it was not as local as you might think Dan and Ethan seem to have a little bigger draw with people coming out from Connecticut and the like. Dan and Ethan were great host and were really gracious to all the geeks who showed up. I think they enjoy the randomness of some of the people who do show up.

Because they knew techy web designers were coming the power went out in the general area. I’m still not exactly sure what happened as street lights were out as I was walking to the bar and the bar’s power was out but all the surrounding businesses seemed to have power. We ended up just going to a pool hall around the corner.

Networking is tons of fun and anyone who says other wise isn’t doing it right. I read some where recently that the average person can only have about 150 casual relationships (not the article but something close enough). Casual meaning if you bumped in to them on in a restaurant you would feel comfortable grabbing a meal with them. Now I don’t know if I’ve ever known that many people at one time but if I do in Boston I’m gonna see how many web designer connections I can make on my way to employment.