I’ currently obsessed with Firefly. I had only heard about it and never actually saw it on TV. I only knew it as the quickly canceled sci-fi show that had some buzz to it. Of course if the show is canceled and no reruns are played the only way to see it is buy a forty-dollar plus DVD set or find a friend who already has (Gilmore Girls solved this problem making the first episode available on DVD).

I made the forty-dollar plunge with the patented college age “get it for Christmas” method. I’m going to try not to gush about the beautiful set, amazing actors, or deep storyline but it at least needs to be mentioned. The show is about a small band of strangers who become family as they try and survive. The story is mirrored in real life as the small, friendly fan base of Firefly rallied to save the show. Though the show did not to get to finish it’s 14 episode run the resulting after thought of a DVD by fox preceded to sell some 200,000 copies.

Those sales prompted the upcoming movie set to come out in September. With the low low price tag of 40 million Firefly has been free to market it self in more interesting ways. One of those ways has been showing unfinished versions of the film to the loyal fan base months before release in addition to a Firefox like grassroots publicity campaign. A 3 part comic is also coming that is written by Joss Whedon as well.

What will come of this world that has been created and is dieing to tell its story? If the fans have anything to say about it the film will result in the resurrection of the series in all its glory. And if you’re lucky you will not hear a peep from me until it’s announce return to TV has come.