I’m kinda hot and istead of be original I’ve decided to just ReBlog:

Now available at Rhizome: a Raw RSS feed! http://rhizome.org/syndicate/raw.rss Right now this feed re-posts the entire text as posted originally. So it's suitable for reading, reposting, etc., etc. There are now three separate ways to track the discussion on Raw: by email, by web, and by RSS syndication feed. I set the feed to track the last 40 items, which right now means it's a sort of big feed, at 87k. Of course with Raw's traffic the way it is, the resulting feed only tracks about the last 36 hours worth of posts. I'm considering excerpting some of the bigger posts, and having more posts per feed, if 36 hours isn't enough ... anyway, let me know if you're using it and have suggestions for it. This is one of those things that we couldn't have done three weeks ago. I hope y'all find it useful. Francis Hwang Director of Technology Rhizome.org