The amount of literature that has been published about Revenge of the Sith really should not surprise me. Every Star Wars release I read less and less of it as I care less and less about why people hate the movie and how it destroys the original trilogy.

Perhaps its just because I’m only reading people who agree with me but it seems there is a large outpouring of love for this movie and nothing makes me happier.

Perhaps now that it is over the reconciliation can happen between the movies and People who had such large issues with them. In another 30 years I hope these movies are still in our minds like the originals always will be.

I'm just not interested in trashing the dialogue and ticking off all of this movie's weaknesses. I give extra credit for good intentions, and I like hanging out with my friends even when they are total clowns. Star Wars has been a cool friend to hang out with, and I'll miss it. -Mr. Sun