Finished the last book of the Bartimaeus Trilogy today. I’m a horrible book reviewer but I liked them a lot. The last one really seemed to stick out as exceptionally good. The last page really seemed to cut to black a bit quicker then you might like. Fantasy books tend to have epilogues and long drawn out endings but this one just stopped. It was sad but nice for a change.

Now that I’ve read all three I felt safe to roam the web looking for any additional info that might be out in the wild. Wikipedia has a nice collection of articles about the series, books, and characters. In general the book has enough mythos to build on and so a community coming together to put this together isn’t that surprising.

Finally I made it over to the official web site. My goodness that is the ugliest web site that I’ve seen that wasn’t made for a high school. If I was the book publisher I would be embarrassed to have a website so incredibly horrible. It’s not even good for an old website, like early 90s, and these are very recent books abd YA books at that! And last I heard young adults are using the internet.

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