AudioAlerts - a live dashboard that lets you hear what your users are doing

I’m launching a new site called! It’s a live dashboard that can play a sound when your users take action on your site. I’ve been working on it for a few months now and we have a post up on producthunt that you can vote for! Intsall the Audio Alerts npm client and trigger the code from the client or the server!

Signup for an Audio Alerts account and get 500 free alerts!

Audio Alerts Header

This is my first big site launch. I built it all in firebase for both the live updates and the static file hosting and it has full integration with stripe for the subscriptions. I’m very excited for people to try it and to keep building out new features.

Moved to jekyll on GitHub

In 2005, right around the time moveabletype was imploading, I started a wordpress blog. I used it a bunch. Social media had not taken over and RSS reader were just getting started.

But these days RSS readers are dead as everyone moved to twitter or other media sites.

And wordpress is hard to keep secure if you don’t give it the love and care it needs.

So now I’ve exported all the posts to this jekyll which builds on github. It will have less hacking but lets see if I use it at all.

How to turn on Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard


I’m not sure why this was so hard to find. Simply right click on the taskbar and get the menu to appear. There is an option to “Show touch keyboard button”. That will add the touch keyboard to the far right of the taskbar. Clicking that will bring up the keyboard where you can then click the emoji icon.