Best Tech Job Board


Right now there is no better place to find a tech job then the hiring tracker. They currently list over 1000 companies with links to thier job boards and different ways to filter companies such as by company size and age.


Key Values

On a smaller scale this Key Values site is great. It has fewer companies listed but have much more detailed filters.


Lagon By Marie Christinemaudet

I don’t own enough real art but I’m starting to change that with the below peice called Lagon by Marie-ChristineMaudet. I found it on So happy to see this on my walls every day.

Quick Jekyll Posts With Bookmarklet

I’ve made a /new-post-bookmarklet.html. It propt me for a title and then opens up a new github file to add what ever content I want.

I hope this get me to post more here. The code is simple and you could easlily modify it for your jekyll site as well. You can use a

var isoDate = (new Date()).toISOString();
var date = isoDate.split('T')[0];
var d = date.split('-');
var dataPermaLink = d.join('/');
var t = prompt("title", "");
var title = t.replaceAll(/([&$\+,:;'"=\?@#\s<>\[\]\{\}[\/]|\\\^%])+/g, '-');

var filename = date + "-" + title + '.md';

var html = [
'date: '+ isoDate,
'author: Stefan Hayden',
'title: ' + t,
'layout: post',
'permalink: /blog/'+ dataPermaLink  +'/'+ title +'/',
'  - web',

window.location.href = "" + "?filename=_posts/" + filename + "&value=" + html;